Christmas Countdown


If you are bored during Winter break before Christmas Day, you can check up on this Christmas Countdown. It includes small tasks that you can do to help cure your boredom, stay safe and Happy Holidays!

Day 1 (December 16)

Touch some grass

(if the grass is not available go to a tree, or some nature and touch it)


Day 2 (December 17) 

Make yourself a snack

(like a sandwich, cheese, and crackers, just something small to eat)


Day 3 (December 18)

Have a lazy day

(Stay in your PJs and relax, you can minimalize physical activity and not worry too much about anything productive)


Day 4 (December 19)

Make a painting


Day 5 (December 20)

Eat something spicy


Day 6 (December 21) 

Make some Hot chocolate


Day 7 (December 22) 

Watch some classic Christmas movies


Day 8 (December 23)

Sings Christmas carols 


Day 9 (December 24)

Do something nice for someone and/or if you have siblings put coal in their stockings (it’s better if they believe in Santa Claus still)


Day 10 (December 25)

Enjoy time with your family and open presents. (if you have some)