Dana Decides: The Lighthouse Cafe

Local Restaurants Curated For You

Run out of restaurants to go to? I’ve got your back! Welcome back to Dana Decides, where I, Niko Seiple, decide what restaurants are good enough for the Dana population. The previous Dana Decides gave you a wonderful Ramen place, but this week we’re journeying closer to Cabrillo Beach. The restaurant of the week is none other than The Lighthouse Cafe. The Lighthouse Cafe is a local restaurant located next to the Pacific Market, and only a few blocks away from Cabrillo Beach, as well as the Korean Bell Park. The location is hidden away, surrounded on two sides by residential neighborhoods. The quiet area makes eating there a peaceful and relaxing experience, perfect for a Saturday morning or late afternoon. 

I myself have had the Lighthouse Cafe many times in my life, but I’ve limited myself to the breakfast side of the menu. While those are some great highlights of the food, for the sake of you, my readers, I have decided to venture to other portions of the menu. I write this portion of the review to you before I have my meal, to tell you that I enjoy the food very much as a regular.  For my meal, I’m going to try and eat as a newcomer, and get a signature dish. The Lighthouse Burger. The following paragraph will be written by future me, to tell you about my experience at The Lighthouse Cafe.

Hello readers! I ate my meal, and I can tell you, it was delectable. I got their Lighthouse burger, mine included cheese, pickles, and thousand island sauce. The meat was juicy and flavorful, the cheese added a delicious tang, the pickles gave the burger a crunch, and the sauce was creamy and balanced the rest of the meal perfectly. Their buns are soft and somehow don’t sog up with the meat’s juices. On the side, I had fries, seasoned with a mix of spices. I felt like a true local dining there, which I suppose I am.

Lighthouse Cafe’s Oreo Milkshake

To add some sweetness to the savory, I had an oreo milkshake, which I could tell was made with real ice cream. The whipped cream was sweet and almost marshmallow-like. The food was perfect. Lighthouse cafe has gone through a renovation and now feels like a modern and pristine cafe. It had switched owners, but miraculously, the quality stayed high. The people who work there are friendly, so if you do go, say hello. My review for this place is 10/10 and I do recommend it. Kids of Dana, eat at Lighthouse Cafe for a good meal.