Dana Thinks: The Phone Rule

The phone rule is a hot-button issue here at Dana. Some say it’s good, but most say it’s not. So why do we have this hot topic debate? Read further to know more on both sides of the phone rule! What is the phone rule at Dana Middle School? The phone rule is that you can’t use your phone anytime, anywhere at Dana unless you have a special teacher’s permission for a project. Some might think it it harsh because we live in a world and society where technology is used everyday, but there are always two sides to a story. 

The phone policy at Dana was put into place because school should be a place of learning with no outside distractions. Coming off a a covid year, students should be focused on socializing and hanging with their friends.

There are pros and cons to both sides. We asked students here at Dana what they thought on the phone rule. These are some of their responses. Most, if not all students wanted to be kept anonymous because it is such a big debate among students, parents, and staff. Here are their responses!

“Phones shouldn’t be allowed because there is a lot of cyber-bullying that happens !” one student responded. In contrast with an 8th grader who commented that the phone rule is annoying and they simply  don’t like it!  Even with the comments and opinions that students have , what if we came to a compromise?  “It should be changed so it is allowed at nutrition and lunch because it’s our free time” a Dana students suggests.  Though it is not a popular consensus on campus, students do see some benefits in not using  their cell phone at school.  “I agree with the phone policy because kids should socialize”, a student commented.  Another students weighed in on the cons of having a phone. “ It could show kids inappropriate things and students need in-person socialization”. Another commented “ Phones should be able to  be used at nutrition and lunch because it’s our property!”

We conducted a poll to determine student opinions on the phone rule. Approximately 80% of students polled were opposed to the phone rule with about 20% of students supporting it. However, this overwhelming majority of students’ opinions will most likely be ignored as the majority of teachers and staff support the current phone rule. So, what side are you on? Can you agree with both sides? This topic will continue to be a popular one because there are many different views!