Winter Fashion


Have you been wondering what the fashion trends are for the winter of 2022? The real question you should be asking is,  “Will they be timeless like the classic Ugg boots?”, or, “Will they come and go like sweater vests?” Here are  some answers for a fashionable winter!

Let’s start with the fashion trends of winter 2022. One of the top winter fashion trends as of now is oversized outerwear, such as blazers and coats. These maxi coats can be seen on many runways. Another winter fashion trend is Y2k styles such as low-rise jeans, long sleeves, cropped tops, cargo pants, and much more. This Y2k style is mostly from the 2000s that has come back and also been modernized.

Mini skirts have also been a popular fashion trend for the past seasons and it has been predicted to continue through the winter. Mini skirts can be paired with many things, one of them being knee boots. This brings us to another trend, the corset tops. These have also been popular throughout the past seasons and do not seem to stop. Black on black is a popular pairing for corset tops, as well as tailored pants.

These are only some of the many fashion trends that we will be seeing this winter. I hope these ideas and trends will give you a little insight into what most people will be wearing this holiday season.