8th Grade East Coast Trip

Are You Going?

On the trip, you will have the opportunity to see the Statue of Liberty.

Have you ever heard of the 8th-grade east coast trip? It is a trip where a group of students visits the east coast of the united states. They get to see many different kinds of famous historical monuments and places. And best of all you get to do it with your friends.

One monument you get to see is the statue of liberty. The statue of liberty was a gift from France to America. It is one of the greatest landmarks in America. It stands on Liberty island.  Not only that but you also get to see Gettysburg. Gettysburg is a town in Pennsylvania. A big war known as The Battle of Gettysburg was fought. It was part of the Civil war. On top of all that you will be visiting many museums. “I think this trip has plenty to do.” A student stated, which is true because you will be going back and forward from the 16th of December to the 21st. So the trip starts at the beginning of winter break. And you will be back in time for Christmas.

While you’re in New York you will get to eat the famous New York stake in New York. While on the topic of food did you know that the food on the trip is being paid for? Yes paying around three thousand dollars is quite a lot but a lot gets payed for. Like the hotel, food, and travel tickets. You do get to travel on plane but you’ll be mostly on busses to go to one place to another.

The East Coast trip is going to be one of the biggest field trips this year a Dana middle school. It is going to be really busy too. So I hope you packed enough for this trip cause it is cold in the east.