Thanksgiving; What Happened?

Thanksgiving. The American tradition of thanks. A day where you eat from the cornucopia and give thanks for everything. And we all think that we know the backstory behind this beautiful holiday. We think that it started with the pilgrims and the Native Americans who were celebrating a wonderful harvest. And they were, but it’s a lot more than that,

Well, since it wasn’t all peaceful like we were taught, what was it? So, to start the celebration wasn’t just for good harvest it was also a day for colonial soldiers. Why were they celebrated? You might be wondering. Well, (get ready) they were celebrated because they were killed. They slaughtered hundreds of Pequot kids and women. I know, gruesome. And because the colony governor John Winthrop ( you might’ve heard of him before) was so proud he decided that the meal was going to be about. But what about the celebration of a good harvest? Well, that was the original reason behind the big meal. You see, originally the reason was a good harvest of various crops and vegetables. But good ol’ John Winthrop decided otherwise. And for those of you wondering, Well why are we taught about the big feast? The reason behind that is that our 15th president Abe Lincon decided that the story will be that of a good harvest.

And now you know the real reason and history behind Thanksgiving. With the slaughtering of hundreds and the feast of a lifetime, Thanksgiving is a holiday to remember. I hope you enjoyed this article and now I bid you farewell!