Where is Your Winter Wonderland

While Christmas vacation is getting closer, we all dream of snow. So here are some magical places to visit during the winter break that is not too far from home!


Starting with Big Bear, Big Bear is a popular spot for snowboarding and skiing due to the snowfall every year. But snowboarding and skiing aren’t the only activities you can do during the winter, because in Big Bear you can find many hills for sledding activities. Also, the beautiful nature makes this mountain an amazing spot to spend your winter!


Now Mammoth Mountain is known as the best location to go skiing and snowboarding with its incredibly high mountains and it gets tons of snowfall as well. So you can still go sledding, make snow angels, build snowmen, and have snowball fights. 


Lake Tahoe is yet another place where skiing and snowboarding are very popular. But I think Lake Tahoe has so many more interesting things to do and places to see. The Eagle Rock trailhead looks beautiful in the snow and is great for activities. Or maybe go to Emerald Bay State Park, many people see how beautiful this place looks with or without snow.


Yosemite is a wonderful place to visit during the winter. There are waterfalls, amazing landscape views, mountains, valleys, and ancient sequoias. There are endless locations to go sledding and there is also an area within the park where you can go snowboarding and skiing. The only downside is the expensive price, but other than that this is an amazing winter wonderland.


When you think Christmas you think white snow powdered on trees and rooftops but in LA that’s pretty, impossible. So where is your winter wonderland?